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As people we are naturally inclined to avoid thinking about our own mortality. The truth is however that none of us live forever...

In case you have children you will want to have arrangements in place in case either or both parents die. A will often prevents future squabbles and fighting within the family as everybody knows what your wishes are.

Justice and Law Solicitors can additionally advice you on how to reduce the tax your beneficiaries will have to pay on the inheritance.

Don’t leave it until the last minute. Who can really say when the “last minute” is? If you don't have a will there are rules for deciding who inherits your assets, depending on your personal circumstances.

Justice and Law Solicitors offers Last Will and Testament advice and instructions for people with children, without children, divorced individuals, married couples, singles, widows, widowers and others. Mutual wills and wills with trusts for minor children are also available.

Making a will is not as simple as it may seem – there are pitfalls that may not emerge until after you've gone. Justice and Law Solicitors’ Will service will give you with the peace of mind that your affairs are in order and your assets are allocated according to your wishes.

Getting a will drawn up is an important part in an individual’s life. However many people try to put this off until “the time is right”. But when is the right time? Can anyone really answer that question?

The answer is really simple. If you have responsibilities to other people like a spouse, partner, whether married or not and/or children you need a will.

This is important because if you die without a will the law will decide how any possessions are going to be allocated and this may not be how you would have wanted your possessions split.

Another consideration is that unmarried couples or couples who have not registered a civil partnership cannot inherit from each other unless it is specified in a will. This can under some circumstances wreak havoc for the surviving partner, especially on the financial front.