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 Looking for an Immigration Law Specialist?

If you are in need of an immigration law specialist you are in the right place. We have extensive experience dealing...  Immigration Law Specialists >>

Are you aware of the importance of having a will?

As people we are naturally inclined to avoid thinking about our own mortality. The truth is however that none of us live forever...     Wills >>

Are you a landlord or tenant and need help?

Wether renting or leasing out property requires properly drafted documents. Even in that situation there are some cases...  Landlord and Tenant >>

 Need assistance from a Family Law Solicitor?

Our family law solicitors are aware that family matters require tact and understanding. We offer a friendly and sympathetic...       Family Law >>

Lost income because of an accident?

Our personal injury and civil litigation solicitors are here to assist you if you’ve been involved in an accident...      Civil Litigation >>

Do you have problems at your place of work?

In case of unfair or constructive dismissal you can contact us for an assessment  of you case. Employee and employers.... Employment Law >>

Do you need a legal documents prepared?

If  you’ve lost your passport, need a tenancy agreement or power of attorney or need legal documents...     Legal Documents >>

Justice and Law Solicitors are immigration law specialists based in South West London. We take client care and highest quality service as our priority. We are a professional, but friendly team, with many years of legal experience and an excellent track record.

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