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The solicitors at Justice and Law Solicitors have extensive experience of handling matters on behalf of both employers and employees in all areas of employment law. We have an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of industry sectors.

If you need advice or if you are unsure of your situation then please don't hesitate to contact one of our solicitors at Justice and Law and they will do their very best to assist you with  your  employment law query. To contact us about your employment law issue, please either telephone us on  020 7738 5841 or use our contact us page to get in touch with us.

Upon receipt, your case will be reviewed by one of our specialist employment law solicitors who will then contact you to discuss your employment law issue. The solicitor appointed by Justice and Law Solicitors to do this, will be a specialist in your type of employment law issue.

Justice and Law employment solicitors regularly advise employers and employees on all areas of employment law.

Should you require advice on any area of employment law, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by telephoning us on the number below or by emailing us from the contacts page.

As a firm, we specialise in employment law and therefore you can rely

upon us to provide you with the requisite quality employment law advice you require from a specialist employment law solicitor.

The following are just a few examples of         what we can do for you: