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Landlord and Tenants

Justice and Law Solicitors offer expert legal advice for both tenants and landlords. If you rent your home or if you are a leaseholder, you have a legal agreement with your landlord or freeholder. This gives you both rights and responsibilities.

Legal Advice for Tenants.

We advise tenants on their rights and on the duties of their landlords. Your landlord is legally required to maintain your property to certain standards. If you are worried about being evicted contact us now.

Tenants benefit from a great deal of protection from being evicted. Landlords must follow a strict set of procedures set forth by law if they are to remove you from your home. There is always something we can do to either stop the eviction process or at least delay it. Our legal experts are ready to offer tenants excellent legal advice.

You may be entitled to claim compensation from your landlord if:

We can help you stay in your home if you have received an eviction notice or a claim from the courts. Our “Legal Advice For Tenants” department is ready to help!

Legal Advise for Landlords

If you are thinking about letting your home or buying a property to let for the first time, or you are a landlord with a multiple properties, we offer expert advice and assistance with all legal aspects of property law.

The law can often seem complex and confusing when it comes to renting out your property. That is why it is crucial to get the right legal advice for landlords as soon as possible.

Justice and Law Solicitors are experts in advising and representing landlords in all areas of housing law and landlords rights.

We can help with:

We always try to resolve matters amicably. In many cases a letter from Justice and Law Solicitors is enough to get a problem tenant to clear rent arrears and avoid future arrears.

We can help enforce your landlords' rights to lawfully regain possession of your property as quickly as possible and minimise your losses.

Check any agreement you have carefully and ask questions about anything you're not sure of. But be aware that you may have more rights than you thought.

There are laws that regulate how renting and leasing work in this country and if your agreement doesn't comply, it may not be legally binding.

This could make a big difference if the landlord or freeholder is being unreasonable, or wants you to leave the premises.

All landlords and tenants/licensees have certain rights and responsibilities, even if they’re not written into an agreement. Some rights and responsibilities apply to all agreements.

Others may be set out in the tenancy/ licence agreement. Others are set out in the legislation that applies to the particular type of tenancy or licence you have.

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