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Family Law

Family law encompasses a range of legal issues, including:

among others Right of Inheritance.

Justice and Law Solicitors gladly takes up the challenge to advice and support you in making the right decisions to make your case run as smooth and painless as possible considering the circumstances. We are aware that no two cases are alike and each case will be assessed by its own merits and the support we provide is exclusive to your circumstances.

Our family law solicitors possess the skills of both a litigator and negotiator. We have the necessary counselling skills to help people going through a very emotional time in their lives. We are aware that a basic understanding of accounting and financial matters is a must to both advise our clients and to present financial issues to the court. We are aware  that a basic understanding of accountancy and finance is a necessary skill to have in order to present to the court.  

People skills are also important, particularly oral communication. We are constantly in contact with people; whether it is our clients, opposing counsel, or court personnel, there is always someone with whom you need to effectively communicate and we are here to help.

When practising family law, we are more than a lawyer assessing and advising a client on  their legal rights. We are able to help an individual through one of the most stressful experiences in life. At Justice and Law Solicitors we are proud to stand by your side during  this difficult time.

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“ The prospect of divorce action can be daunting, but the process need not be difficult with the right professional advice. Justice and Law Solicitors is there to guide you through the process, steer you clear of the legal pitfalls and offer sensitive but independent advice.”