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About Us

Justice and Law Solicitors was established by the Principal: Mr David Obeng Darko BA (Hons) Solicitor in 2010.

As a High Street Solicitors Practice we specialise in Immigration, Landlord & Tenant, Will writing, Personal Injury, Family/Matrimonial, Agency Advocacy etc. How the firm was founded and the areas that we practice make us a little unique.

How we Started

In 2004, the Principal commenced his training contract with a high street firm in South West London after working in various legal establishments.

During his training contract he began to believe in a vision that he will be able to help people especially those who are vulnerable to the law.

Because of his strong will to meet people face to face, to listen to them and by using the law he will be able to assist them to solve their legal problems especially in immigration and housing possession cases where people have been at the brink of becoming homeless or being deported from the UK.

Mr. Darko takes great comfort in knowing that he has played a part and contributed in making people’s lives easier and happier.

Learning to fly

However, after qualifying in 2007 as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, he decided to set off on a professional “adventure” and decided to specialise in volume residential conveyancing with a multinational company. However, the lack of meeting clients in person played a crucial role for him to pursue his own goals by setting up Justice and Law Solicitors.

The Future

As a result, Justice and Law Solicitors was set up in 2010 with the core aim of delivering good client care service in all the areas that we specialise in.

Why Contact Justice and Law Solicitors

At Justice and Law we believe that although application forms and procedures may appear to suggest otherwise, immigration law in particular is by no means straightforward. We see many people who have tried to go it alone and have ultimately put their legal right to stay in the UK at risk.

We would strongly advise that an individual seeks legal advice from the outset in order to avoid the hidden pitfalls associated with dealing with your legal problems by yourself.

Come and see us and we will provide honest, direct and expert advice about how best to safeguard your interest.

Need expert legal advice ? Contact Justice and Law Solicitors on Tel. 020 7738 5841